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Fri, Jun. 24th, 2005, 02:48 pm
kawaii_nyako: I just have to say

how extrememly happy I am that we created this community, and that I now never have to go back to those horrible boards again!! This place is just so much better, and I love being able to say whatever the heck I want to without getting censored or flamed by y'all. :D *smooches* Love all y'all girls!

Fri, Jun. 24th, 2005, 02:49 pm
raek622: New member?

I was thinking about inviting kopperk over and wanted to see if you guys had a problem with it. She's Kopper on WC, and her and her DH have been TTC for about 11 months. She's got her IF appointment coming up soon and I thought she could use some support from you wonderful ladies...let me know?

Wed, Jun. 15th, 2005, 10:19 pm
raek622: (no subject)

Alright, that's it. I forbid you guys to come here during the daytime. You have all the good conversations while I'm slaving away at work and I can't even come join in the fun. Now I'm going to my corner to cry. (And maybe check my CM, cuz I think I'm gearing up to O.) :p

Tue, Jun. 7th, 2005, 01:50 pm
kawaii_nyako: dude

My chart is totally on crack! lol. I haven't put in on my lj yet as I haven't gotten around to figuring out how to add it in as a link. Here it is though: Chart

Tue, May. 31st, 2005, 06:24 pm
raek622: (no subject)

Okay, so since this is all about sex-share some of the most outrageous places you've ever done it. (Doesn't have to be with your hubby in case he's boring.) :p~

I did it in a bed after a party with five people sleeping on the floor right next to us.
When Joe and I get bored we like to go to the display trailers and do it there. Once we did it in the master bathroom of one and another time we were going at it on a twin bed in one of the bedrooms when it broke!! You should have seen the look on Joe's face!!
We did it in the back of his bread truck once, too.

Tue, May. 31st, 2005, 02:15 pm
heidi0622: (no subject)

Ok, so we were talking about the places we have done it...do any of you keep track of the number of places or number of states you've done it in? Since I've only been with my hubby, everything has been with him...here's what we've done so far...

New Hampshire
New York

United States
United Kingdom

Anyone else want to play?!